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In the cellar our credo runs: "Less is more". We attach great importance to clear structures and straight products, working carefully by hand where possible and reasonable, allowing the wines to age slowly.

Yet, one cannot do without modern technology. Thus, we use cool fermentation between 15 and 20°C after individual maceration times depending on the variety and the desired wine style for our white wines. We leave the wines on the lees for suitable times. In excellent years, especially ripe and full-bodied wines are matured in small oak barrels - like the 2003 Chardonnay Vinsando!

Red wines for the classic, fruity type are fermented in rotofermenters and kept on the skins up to one week. Superior qualities and Reserve wines are left on the skins in vats and are manually punched down up to three times a day.

Our cellars in the cellar street were built in 1850. They rank among Burgenland's most beautiful cellars. The aging and storing of wines under ideal conditions has proved successful over generations. In the barrel cellar, fermentation and upbringing take place - white wines in stainless steel, red wines in large wooden barrels, top wines in barriques. The wine always remains in the foreground, wood and toasting combine to add delicate nuances to it. The bottled wines mature in the bottle cellar, special vintages are guarded like a treasure in the wine library.


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