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Three communities - Winden, Breitenbrunn and, for the majority, Purbach - provide the plots for our vineyards; on premium sites, yet so widespread as to allow each variety to reach its full potential. This starts with the selection of the right locations. Soils and microclimate vary considerably - calciferous, deep, meager, cool, warm, dry, ideal for noble rot, muschelkalk. Our Reserve wines come from the best parcels - where terroir speaks for itself.

You have got to have the right feel for canopy management, soil cultivation and plant protection. The focus is on sufficient vine leaf area, high canopy, exposure to air in the grape zone and yields tuned to the style of wine. The soil must be well aerated and, at the same time, enable plenty of natural soil life. Therefore, every other row is kept green, with indigenous grasses growing, earthworms flourishing and humus increasing. Sound grapes and healthy vines are the quintessence of high-quality wines, careful and diligent protection against diseases and pests included


Burgenland - Purbach am Neusiedler See - Kellergasse / Kellerplatz
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