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Purbach is located on the "west coast" of Lake Neusiedl, Europe's largest steppe lake. It is the habitat of a unique flora and fauna, a natural spectacle, fed by subterranean springs. A leisure paradise, a draw for bikers from all over Europe, and the principal climate regulator - reflecting sunshine, storing heat and providing moisture.

On the slopes of the Leithaberg, vines and grapes ripen under the temperature-equalizing effect of Lake Neusiedl until late in fall, yielding not only perfectly ripe whites and characterful reds, but also noble-sweet wines of international reputation.

The whitish brilliance of the "land of cherry blossoms" shines amidst the rolling wine country! Where wine thrives also fruits, vegetables and cereals prosper. Between the mountains and the lake you will, thus, find not only valuable wine experiences, but also rest and recreation.


Burgenland - Purbach am Neusiedler See - Kellergasse / Kellerplatz
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